22 December 2007

Modeling In Maine

I drove today. A lot. I left home a little after 11 and got to Purl Diva a little before 4. There was already a crowd, and I was #14 in the modeling queue. Ellen, the owner, recognized me right off the bat from my Ravelry avatar, and just as I was saying hi to her, I spotted Mel making his way to the door. He'd been there since 2:30, and had his niece waiting in the car, along with his adorable pup, so he was ready to head home.

After he left, I found a chair and worked on my uncle's sock until my number was called. Meeting Franklin was such a treat, more than worth the long drive. He's a sweetheart. I wore the shirt I designed for Sunflowerfairy, and Franklin absolutely loved it. We talked about designing and knitting and crochet, and we weren't ready to stop when I finished my row of the scarf, so he told me to knit a second row. It may have only been five minutes, but it was so much fun... I'm hoping I'll get a chance to sit down with him for a longer conversation at Rhinebeck next year.

One of the other models tried to convince me to stay in town for the night and check out the other LYSs before heading back to Connecticut, but I have an expensive trip coming up, so even if I'd packed for it, it would have been out of my budget. One of these days I'll have to go back for a longer stay. I love Maine... nice folks, beautiful scenery, and a really cool little yarn store in Brunswick.

Oh, I'm knitter #277. Hee!

Edit: I guess making a 460-mile round-trip just to meet Franklin was a big deal. Both Franklin and Ellen mentioned me!

21 December 2007

Up North

Tomorrow I'm driving up to Maine to see Franklin for his latest 1000 Knitters photo shoot. Anyone who wants to come with me, email me by 10pm today. I plan on leaving around 11am tomorrow from just north of Hartford, Connecticut, and might not get back until 11pm. (The shoot is from 4pm to 7pm.)

Come on. You know you wanna!

14 December 2007

Well Crap

I'm unemployed. The company officially closed a few hours ago, after giving all of us our severance packages. *sigh*

At least I have plenty of time to knit now.