27 July 2008

Back On The Horse

What's the best way to get over being dumped? Dates! Two of them in the next week, to be exact: one with a hardcore Star Wars geek who will probably be just a friend, and one with an SCA armorer who I hope will be more than a friend. Putting up a profile on OKCupid has helped my ego a lot, and I have my sister to thank for the suggestion.

I think I need more sock needles. Or fewer socks on the needles. I love working on socks, but I get bored with them so quickly. At SnB last week I was working on the Clown Socks, and someone asked if they were the same ones I'd been working on for months. It's not that I've been working on them, really... I've been ignoring them for months! And compared to some of the projects in my WIP/UFO basket, the Clown Socks are pretty young.

The brown sweater is two sleeves and a good blocking away from being finished. Askew #2 (remember that one?) needs straps, lacing, and blocking. A few other projects are close to being finished, too... I just need to be able to look at them without thinking, "ugh, not you again."

Time to knit!

21 July 2008

A Woman Scorned

Well, it looks like I'm not moving to Texas after all. The guy who, just a few weeks ago, told me, "I'm in this for the long haul," decided that I'm not getting my life together quickly enough for his liking, so instead of trying to work out a solution, he's given up. I'm angry... really angry. Here's a guy who troubleshoots problems for a living, but when it comes to relationships, he keeps silent about problems and then uses them as excuses to walk away. He did the same thing last year, and I really thought that this time would be different.

I know this post isn't polite or kind, and I don't care. I have a right to be angry about the way he's treated me, and I'm really sick of being the nice girl.

Time to go cry and hit things and wish I'd never met him.

Medical Mystery

Can anyone tell me why painkillers (like Tylenol and ibuprofin) make my head all stuffy? I don't usually take over the counter meds, but on the rare occasions when I do, it would be nice to be able to ease pain without suddenly feeling like I have a cold.

19 July 2008

Dark Knight

It's 1am, and my sister and I just got back from seeing the new Batman movie. I won't post spoilers, but I will tell you that it's freakin' amazing. Heath did an absolutely stunning job, and it's heartbreaking that he won't get to hear all the praise he earned. The plot moves nicely, the fighting and chases are well-choreographed, the acting is superb, and the explosions are beautiful. I stood in line for over half an hour to see this film, and while that wouldn't be much if it had been something I knew I was going to love (I stood in line for four hours in NYC for one of the Star Wars prequels, for example), it's more than I've done for any other movie that wasn't at the top of my Must See list. And you know what? The wait (and the b*tchy little diva behind us in the queue going on about how 13-year-olds have to dress like sluts or they'll never get a date) was worth it.

And now to sleep.

10 July 2008


A few weeks ago I put myself on a yarn diet until Rhinebeck. I was okay with this, staying away from the LYS and avoiding Etsy and other fiber-happy websites. And then it came...

KnitPicks sent me a catalog.

Granted, this isn't the first yarn catalog to be delivered since I began this diet. I'm on the Webs mailing list, too. But I can ignore the Webs catalog because Webs is practically a LYS for me, which means that if I'm going to buy yarn from them, I'll drive up to Northampton and get it in person instead of paying for shipping (although with these gas prices, shipping just about balances out the 90-minute round-trip). KnitPicks, though... that's temptation.

How am I supposed to ignore all this sock yarn?


Never mind that I have so many UFOs and WIPs that I won't be cutting into my stash for many, many months... *sigh*

01 July 2008

Reminds Me Of The One I Love

I've been home for a week and can't shake the depression. It's getting to be a problem because I need to get a job... which is tough when all I want to do is stay in bed and mope. I had such a great time in Texas that coming back to Connecticut is really disappointing. The humidity sucks, the people aren't as friendly... I just don't want to be here. I mean, check out the stuff I got to see and do:


We spent some time at the river (yes, he's wearing swim trunks instead of a kilt).


We met a snake.


David's stepfather killed the snake.

ninja1 mayday1 bubba1

I met David's new brothers: Ninja, Mayday, and Bubba.


I also met Beauregard, the ewok on meth.


Beau likes to eat cats.


Mayday likes to eat fingers...


and toes.


Hummingbirds like to eat sugarwater.


And fish like to eat people. Seriously, the little f'kers tried to chew on us while we were swimming. I let them have it with a pool noodle, but I don't think they got the idea. F'king fish!

We traded in the free-range fish experience for the captive fish (and assorted sea life) experience at Sea World:






...including a waterskiing show!


(He's barefoot!)

Can you see why it's hard for me to get back to the daily grind here? But I really do need to get a job. I need to be able to pay for the shipping container that's going to move all my stuff.

To Texas.

In November.


Rhinebeck will be my last event up here, and then I'll pack up my life and head for warmer weather. I'll miss snow, but I'll be with David, so it'll be worth it.