30 April 2008

A Plethora of Project Pics

I'm too braindead for a "real" post, so here are some pictures for you.

Projects I've started in the last six or seven weeks:

"Angularities" (formerly of MagKnits, now available directly from designer Sarah Wilson) in Cascade Pearls

Sunshine Socks, generic toe-up with the merino-tencel blend from Ellen's Half Pint Farm

Knitty's Branching Out in Fiesta Yarns' "La Luz" silk

delft-style mittens of my own design in Patons Classic Merino

Wannietta Prescod's Knotted Openwork Scarf in KnitPicks "Shimmer"

the sweater!

I'm going to visit David for the weekend. See y'all when I get back!

21 April 2008

Cirque, Sweater, and Stuff

My sister and I went to see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza yesterday! This is the second Cirque performance I've been to, and it was everything I expected.


This picture was way too expensive, but it's one of the few pictures of myself that I actually like. My sister, on the other hand, hates the way she looks in it, so she asked me to blur her face.

In knitting news, I've been working on my very first sweater. I figure since I'm dating the guy from Sweater Project it would be good to make my own sweater. It's not quite as impressive as his, but so far I'm happy with it.


It's about six inches longer than this now, but it's tough to take a picture of it while it's still on my only available #4 circ, which is only 24". I may be skinny, but I'm not that skinny. I'm using Knitware's sweater designer v.2.5, which is a very cool program. The yarn is a nylon/acrylic/angora rabbit blend that used to be a huge cowl-neck Old Navy sweater that I got at Goodwill for about five dollars.

I have a few (LOL!) other projects on the needles, including stranded mittens in a delft-like design I improvised based on some plates I saw online, several socks (yes, I'm still working on the Clown Socks, I have a few more inches of instep left before I turn the heel), and a narrow Clapotis scarf out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk I found on sale at Hither & Yarn.

I need some exercise, so I'm going to go take a walk and then work on my sweater for a while.

20 April 2008

Finished: Condom Cozy

Jeez, I suck at blogging these days, huh? Sorry about that. At least I have a FO to show off this time! It requires a little introduction...

My favorite comedian is a Brit named Eddie Izzard. In one of his shows he does a bit about the performer Engelbert Humperdink. (You can watch it here [it starts around 6:15].) It's the first thing I think of when I'm trying to come up with a name, and I'm thrilled that I was finally able to use it!

And Engelbert Humperdink, yes, he was nice. That's not his real name. He's from Britain, but that's not his name. There's very few Humperdinks in Britain. He was born Gerry Dorsey, and not Engelbert Humperdink. His parents were not Mr. and Mrs. Humperdink. They never said, "what shall we call our son so he does not get the shit kicked out of him at school?" "We shall call him Engelbert!" "Good, that'll work!" No, his name was Gerry Dorsey, and he released songs as Gerry Dorsey... songs such as [mumble]... which didn't work, 'cause no one could hear what he was saying, and then his managers obviously said, "we're gonna change your name, Gerry! It's the name that's the problem!" And his name changed from Gerry Dorsey to Engelbert Humperdink! I mean, I just wanted to be in the room when they were working that one through.

"Zinglebert Bembeldack! Yingeybert Dungleban! Zanglebert Bingledack! Winglebert Humptyback! Slut Bunwalla!" "What?!?" "Alright, Kringlebert Fisteybuns! Steeviebuns Buttricktrundles!" "No, Gerry Dorsey! I like Gerry Dorsey!" "No, we... what've we got? Zinglebert Bembeldack, Tringlebert Wangledack, Slut Bunwalla, Clingeybun Fistlebars, Dindlebert Zendeldack, uh, Gerry Dorsey, um, Engelbert Humpteyback, Zinglebert Bengeldack, Engelbert Humperdink, Binglebert Wingledank..." "No, no, go back one, go back one! Engelbert Humperdink! That's it!"


Allow me to introduce Slut Bunwalla. He would have been Zinglebert Bembeldack, but I thought Slut Bunwalla fit his function a little better... he's a condom and vibrator cozy. I adapted the "Condom Critter" pattern from Naughty Needles... and by "adapted" I mean I looked at the picture, skimmed the pattern, and said, "okay, I'm going to wing it."


He has a pocket on his back for the condoms (and extra batteries). The pattern puts the pocket on the front, but I wanted it to be a little more discreet.


There's a pouch inside for the vibrator!


His legs are the drawstrings for the pouch.


His eyes and beak are needle-felted with scrap yarn and sewn on.

He was a fun knit, and used up some novelty yarn that I was beginning to think I'd never find a use for.