30 September 2008


Okay, so yesterday was just paperwork and peeing in a cup. They'll call me in about a week (once the results of the drug test and background check come back) to give me my actual start date. I'm going to spend the rest of the week in Vermont teaching the boy how to sew.

The sweater I've been knitting is a sleeve and some ribbing away from being finished, and something tells me it won't make the Rhinebeck deadline... but who needs a sweater when you have a cute boyfriend to show off, right? ;)

27 September 2008


"Hi, this is Lilith Parker. You interviewed me on Monday, and I was wondering if you'd made a decision yet."
"Oh yeah, we've decided to hire you. Come in on Monday and we'll start the paperwork."

Gotta love such a nonchalant job offer, huh? So yeah, I'm a TIG welder again! Back to getting up at 5am and eating three times more than I'm used to. Oh, and having money again will be nice. Things were starting to get a little tight around here.

Less time for knitting and spinning, though. Oh well. I'm employed!!!

23 September 2008

Walking Wheel Video

Jenny and I brought our wheels to the Big E today and set up in the New England center for a few hours to demonstrate spinning. She very kindly took some video of me spinning on Brigid.

That bit in the middle is, "this is totally going on my blog. Hello, blog readers!" See? I think of you guys. ;)

16 September 2008

Farm Fest Fiber, Finished!


Better late than never, here's what I saw at Farm Fest two weeks ago. Brigid's in the foreground with about a quarter of what I spun on her that day. In the background is the tractor parade that happened around lunchtime.

I decided that the wool I spun that day needed to be two-ply, so I wound both cops onto bobbins and brought them to Vermont with Babette, where I turned them into this:



I didn't measure yardage or WPI, but this much barely made a dent in the bump it came from, so I can make a lot more if I decide to turn it into something big. Pretty, huh?

10 September 2008

Babe(tte) In The Woods

Babette and I have returned from a wonderful week in Vermont, where a fair amount of this:


resulted in this:


and a very strong urge to move to Vermont soon and permanently. Right now, though, I'm in dire need of sleep. I almost don't want to go to bed... I've gotten so used to curling up next to the boyfriend that sleeping alone just doesn't seem right. But my body really needs the rest, so off I go. *sigh*

01 September 2008

Out And About

Brigid and I will be at the Farm Fest (about halfway down that page) at Hilltop Farm in Suffield today. Come visit!


I spun on Brigid for six hours today. Six. Hours. In that time, I made two fat cops of laceweight mystery sheep singles. My right arm (the wheel arm) is sore, and I'm a little cooked from the sun, but other than that it was wonderful. It was a beautiful day, we had a lot of spinners and a lot of visitors, and I met someone who may be able to help identify my wheel! I love days like this.