27 September 2008


"Hi, this is Lilith Parker. You interviewed me on Monday, and I was wondering if you'd made a decision yet."
"Oh yeah, we've decided to hire you. Come in on Monday and we'll start the paperwork."

Gotta love such a nonchalant job offer, huh? So yeah, I'm a TIG welder again! Back to getting up at 5am and eating three times more than I'm used to. Oh, and having money again will be nice. Things were starting to get a little tight around here.

Less time for knitting and spinning, though. Oh well. I'm employed!!!


sylshessa@aol.com said...

Way to go, Ms TIG! I guess I can't count on you for impulsive curry luncheons, though, do you think you'd ever be awake enough at dinner time, just in case I'm also in town then?
You know, Egypt is still on the table until Wednesday......*wink*

sylshessa said...

Have you picked out clothes to wear to fill out your 401s?