31 July 2007

Overdue Prize

Remember when AllergicMom won that contest I ran back in March? Well, I finally got around to sending out her prize before I left for vacation. I'm such a bad contest-runner-person. I sent her six stitch markers and a bonus necklace (to alleviate my guilt about procrastinating for four months). I forgot to take a pic before I sent them out, but she took a pic when she got them and posted it here. The designs on the markers are: Dr. Who's TARDIS, a dragon, the Babylon 5 logo, the Rebel insignia from Star Wars, Pisces fish, and the ring from Lord of the Rings. I'm glad you like them, AM!

Sorry I've been kind of quiet lately. I've been depressed about a bunch of things, and I'm just starting to find my balance again. I have pics of Askew and Nicole to share with you, and I've started Clessidra with another unraveled Goodwill sweater. I'll try to remember to post the pics later this week.

If anyone's going to be at RJ Julia's on Friday to see the Harlot, I'll probably see you there. I'm going to be running an errand in Vermont most of the day, but I'll try my best to be back in time.

19 July 2007

Help For Hot Hands

If you listened to the podcast, you know that I made some potholders for David while I was in Texas.

Here's the pattern!


ch - chain stitch
dc - double crochet
fpdc - front-post double crochet
sl st - slip stitch

Note: stitches defined at Crochet Pattern Central

Yarn: 1 ball Sugar & Creme 4-ply cotton
Hook: US H/8

Here we go!

Row 1: Ch 32, dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc across, turn.
Row 2: Ch 2, fpdc into 2nd dc, *dc, fpdc, repeat from * across, dc into last ch from previous row, turn.
Row 3: Ch 2, *dc, fpdc, repeat from * across, dc into last chain from previous row, turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the potholder is just about square.

Finishing Row and Loop: Ch 2, dc across, dc into last chain from previous row, ch 20, sl st into last dc, pull end of yarn through loop.

Weave in ends.

For those of you who like charts, this is a slightly expanded (because it looks better this way) look at the stitch pattern.

crochet pattern

16 July 2007

Home Again, Home Again

I don't want to be here. Almost as soon as I got off the plane in Connecticut, I felt uncomfortable. It feels wrong to be with my father and sister, it feels wrong to be in this cluttered house, and it feels wrong to be in bed alone.

I want to go back.

We recorded a podcast before David took me to the airport, and I wrote up show notes this afternoon, so he should be posting it soon. There are pics on my Flickr for you to look at in the meantime.

12 July 2007


This is about the dozenth time I've tried to write this entry, and either we've done so much that I can't sort it out yet, or David has me completely under his spell. Either way, I'm having a lot of fun, I'm insanely happy, and I don't want to go home. I haven't done much knitting and haven't bought any yarn, but there are still a few days before I have to get on a plane and go home. I think we're going to record a podcast, so that'll tell you more about the vacation. Things you'll hear about include: burros, butt crabs, lots and lots of driving, the zoo, and, of course, how the public reacted to David's kilts. Stay tuned!

06 July 2007

Bags Packed, Flags Flown, Shoes Blacked, Wings Sewn On

Askew #1 is finished. Askew #2 is half-finished. Nicole is not finished because I'm not happy with her, so I'll finish her when I get to Texas. I'm mostly packed, my tummy is all fluttery, and my right leg will not stop bouncing.

Speaking of packing, Speedy Space Maker bags rock! I've packed much lighter than usual for this trip, but there's still a lot of stuff for such a small suitcase. The bags help make everything fit, and they're safe to use around pets who are terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

I'll probably post once or twice while I'm in Texas, and David and I might even record another podcast. I'll be back very, very late on the 15th.

I leave for the airport in about an hour. Time to get dressed, brush my hair, and go over my checklist to make sure I have everything I need. Squeee!

* The title of this post is a line from a song in Leonard Bernstein's "Mass."

02 July 2007


I am my family's tech support. In exchange for attempting to fix my mother's computer yesterday, I got temporary custody of her ball winder. This is what I did last night:


I haven't finished Nicole. I haven't finished either Askew. I haven't finished the lace tank top. I leave in four days.

Don't Panic.