31 July 2007

Overdue Prize

Remember when AllergicMom won that contest I ran back in March? Well, I finally got around to sending out her prize before I left for vacation. I'm such a bad contest-runner-person. I sent her six stitch markers and a bonus necklace (to alleviate my guilt about procrastinating for four months). I forgot to take a pic before I sent them out, but she took a pic when she got them and posted it here. The designs on the markers are: Dr. Who's TARDIS, a dragon, the Babylon 5 logo, the Rebel insignia from Star Wars, Pisces fish, and the ring from Lord of the Rings. I'm glad you like them, AM!

Sorry I've been kind of quiet lately. I've been depressed about a bunch of things, and I'm just starting to find my balance again. I have pics of Askew and Nicole to share with you, and I've started Clessidra with another unraveled Goodwill sweater. I'll try to remember to post the pics later this week.

If anyone's going to be at RJ Julia's on Friday to see the Harlot, I'll probably see you there. I'm going to be running an errand in Vermont most of the day, but I'll try my best to be back in time.

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Deenz said...

Oh damn! I would have loved to go to R.J. Julia for the Harlot...but I am working at Yarn Barn...le sigh...

But hey - NYRF starts this weekend, ya know! Let me know if you plan to go up!