01 August 2007

Next Chapter

Single again. No takebacks. I'm forcing myself to be angry so I'll stop crying. The fates seem to be doing their part to distract me by throwing boys at me... two of my favorite exes and two new guys have started giving me lots of attention.* One of the new guys is a classmate, and having him around is helping my mood a bit.

Not much new to report on the knitting front. I was hanging out with the new classmate-friend the other night, working on the Supersockesock, and I caught him and his mother staring at my hands while I was working. It seems that doing stockinette on #1 circs while watching TV is mesmerizing to those who have never seen it.

I'm off to get a present for a friend and (hopefully) finish the Supersockesock so I can put those gorram Crystal Palace circs in the back of a dark drawer, never to see the light of day until I move out of this house.

*The exes, unprompted, have been telling me how amazing I was when they dated me, and the new boys are telling me how amazing I am now. It's marvelous for the ego. I won't be falling in love again for a while... David isn't that easy to replace or get over... but it's nice to be told that, even though I wasn't right for David, there are plenty of people who wish they had me.


Lauren said...

Breaking up sucks. You know, I wish I'd been knitting the last time I had my heart broken -- I think it would have helped. And does it help if strangers on the internet think you're amazing too?

Paul said...

Hey Hunny, I'm sorry. Some things weren't made to last forever, which is a shame. But remember, when one door closes, another opens. Be good to yourself, you're so worth it!


allergicmom said...

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. I hope it gets easier for you. And that you get to indulge yourself in some treats. And attention from other men. :-)

Cheryl said...

Wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, but I know there's not. I'm sorry.

jennsquared said...

Hi girl, Sorry to hear about your break up. It is tough and I understand. Hold your head high and really do something that you REALLY want to do, spoil yourself a little, and with time on your side, you will feel better. Maybe you should come down for some SnB for some quality knitting/healing time.

on the wings... said...

Losing someone to whom you opened your heart and became vulnerable is difficult to get over. There is someone out there in this wide world for you that is a "forever" fit. Know that. Knitting helps...but not with the needles you are using. I used to swear I would never use metal needles, but I was given Addi's for a sock project...I LOVE THEM. Yes there is a clicking noise (metal, remember) but the join (which is, as you have mentioned, all important) is smooth and perfect. The price is a bit of a shock but the lack of headache is well worth it. Mine do not find themselves tucked into a dark drawer for eternity.