23 August 2007

Itty Bitty Stash Expansion

Hey, folks. Sorry I've been quiet... I spent a few days with my friends in Virginia and then came home to spend a few days reading Deathly Hallows and fighting off depression.

The depression comes from my frustration at people who underestimate or ignore the need for a post-breakup grieving period. I've been hearing encouragement to find someone new, and the assumption that it's so easy to get over an intense nine-month-long relationship really bothers me. It's not that I don't appreciate people's interest in my happiness, I just wish they'd back off for a while. I'll move on when I'm ready.

And now back to your regularly-scheduled, light-hearted blogging...

Virginia was fun! I got most of the way through a pair of fingerless gloves (using the leftover Supersocke yarn), cast on the second half of Askew #2 for the third time (first time: spilled root beer, second time: wrong number of stitches and didn't realize until the third row), and bought sock yarn. Not like I need more yarn, since I still have a bunch of sweaters to unravel, but this stuff is so pretty.

Regia 4-ply sock yarn

The solid color (#315) will be for reinforced toes and heels, and possibly some cables up the leg. I tried to find a yellow-orange to go with the lightest shade in the other colorway (#1036), but nothing in the store matched in both artificial and natural light. As I told my friend and one of the other customers, it doesn't matter whether the colors match once the socks are on my feet, but they need to look good when the sock is on the needles to keep my OCD happy. I'm weird like that.

Time to go finish the gloves so I'll have needles free to start the socks. Wheee!


CygKnit said...

I totally feel ya on the heartbreak & lack of acknowledgment of it. You can't make an intense relationship go away just because the mind decides to.

The yarn looks like good therapy.

Cheryl said...

It's good that you realize that. I didn't realize that in the past, and jumped from the end of an intense long-term relationship right into another one. But it catches up with you later, and then I think it's worse. Way better to deal with it now, because you do need to grieve at some point.