12 August 2007

Naughty Nicole, Awesome Askew, and Rockin' Ravelry!

My Ravelry invitation came the other day! Yay! Boy, is it easy to get drawn into that site and never leave... yikes. I have walked away from the computer a few times to take care of real-life stuff (and to cool down after getting really annoyed at a member who has a stick so far up her bum that she pukes splinters), so I'm not completely obsessed. See, I even took some time to write this here entry!

Voila, the long-awaited pics of Askew and Nicole!



Askew is a great pattern. It's simple, quick, flattering, and easily modified. I'm really, really happy with how this came out, and I hope to have my second one finished this month (in between other projects).


This is Nicole. Eventually pictures and memories will be all that's left of her, because I'm going to frog her and use the yarn for something else. The smallest version of the pattern was too big (even with a slightly smaller gauge), especially for my nearly-nonexistent breasts. The stitch patterns didn't match up with each other and made my obsessive-compulsive side twitch because there was no way to center the stripes perfectly. I'm just... really not happy with it. The yarn, Ella Rae Silkience, is soft and wonderful, so I'll probably use it for a similar type of garment. I might even design a cami of my own.

In other news, I've started Clessidra, the knee-high socks from Knitty, with another recycled Goodwill sweater. I love this pattern. I do. I have to keep reminding myself that I love it and that it looks fantastic, because if I don't, I'll remember just how much I hate seed stitch. These socks have a lot of seed stitch. A lot. But it's okay... it helps make the socks pretty!


See? Pretty!

David and I are doing a pseudo-sock-KAL, since we're both working on knee socks and we both want them to be finished for Rhinebeck. He's cheating, though... his Marshmallow Hose are DK weight on US5 needles. My Clessidra socks are fingering weight on US1 needles. He gets 7 rows to the inch. I get 15. So I think he's going to have to do two pairs of hose to make it a fair fight. ;-)

Okay, that's done. Time to get back to Ravelry!


on the wings... said...

I like your interpretation and changes of Askew better than the original (from Knitty). Very pretty and it looks like a perfect fit.

David said...

Your Askew is absolutely lovely. But sweetie? Dearest buddy? I think you may have just a *tiny* Ravelry problem. Just sayin'.