20 October 2008

Back from the 'Beck

Rhinebeck. Was. Awesome. I got a hug from Franklin when I bought his book:


I got to swoon over my beloved boyfriend as he read said book (and not only enjoyed it, but got a lot of the references):


I got to hang out with my friends from SnB:


I got to see lots of sheep:


I got to watch the Punkin Chuckin contest:


And I came home with three beautiful purchases (glass shawl pin, brown camel/tussah, grey alpaca/silk):




It was a busy weekend, but I got to spend it with people I like, petting happy sheep and drooling over fibery goodness of all sorts. I am a happy girl. Tired as heck, but happy.

17 October 2008

Worlds Collide

I woke up yesterday feeling like crap, so I called out of work and went back to bed for a few hours. After catching up on my sleep and doing some long-neglected chores around the house, I felt considerably better, so I went to SnB. I walked in, set down my bag, said hello to everyone, and as I turned to go to the counter to order my drink, one of my coworkers walked into the coffeeshop.

That was weird, let me tell ya. Apparently he comes to the coffeeshop most Thursday nights, but we didn't recognize each other when we met at work. Freaky, eh?

So there's this fiber festival this weekend. *wink* I'll probably be there both days, beloved boyfriend in tow. I'll be at the Ravelry meetup at noon on Saturday, the Punkin Chuckin at noon on Sunday, and probably wandering around with a slightly drunken look from all the wool fumes the rest of the time. If you see me (and by now y'all know what I look like, so there's no excuse), please come up and say hi. I'll let you pet the silk I'm spinning!

15 October 2008

Too Tired To Title

So that new job of mine? Has me freakin' exhausted all the time. Too exhausted to knit, which means the brown sweater is not going to be finished for Rhinebeck. *sigh*

I've been spinning a lot, though some of the fiber I've been working on is actually hurting me. Part of the Brigid stash was what feels like llama, and while the yarn is going to be dreamy, it's a pain to draft. As in, my thumb is bruised because I've been holding the fiber so tightly. So I've been spending more time with one of my hand spindles, working on what I think is a silk blend that was part of the same stash. I'll get pictures eventually... maybe this afternoon if I can still stand and think after work.

Aside from the fatigue, life is pretty good right now. I occasionally get this nagging feeling that I've lost something, and when I think about it, it turns out to be all that free time I used to have, and the energy to use it. That makes me a little sad. On the other hand, I'm slowly but surely padding my checking account with this gainful employment of mine, so I'm feeling less like a layabout and more like a productive member of society. A tired member of society, but a productive one.

Now if I could just find the energy to knit. Christmas is right around the corner, after all.

06 October 2008

Fall Foliage And Fiber Fun

Scenes from the last week:





The leaves are changing colors and fluttering to the ground, the boy has put away his AC unit, and I'm going to Ikea this week to get us a thick comforter. Autumn is here. And I've been spinning! Part of the Brigid stash was about 8 ounces of Louet's "Mystery Fiber" (a very nice wool) which I spun and then chain-plied to make about 620 yards of sport/DK weight softness.

Work starts for real today. Off I go!