17 October 2008

Worlds Collide

I woke up yesterday feeling like crap, so I called out of work and went back to bed for a few hours. After catching up on my sleep and doing some long-neglected chores around the house, I felt considerably better, so I went to SnB. I walked in, set down my bag, said hello to everyone, and as I turned to go to the counter to order my drink, one of my coworkers walked into the coffeeshop.

That was weird, let me tell ya. Apparently he comes to the coffeeshop most Thursday nights, but we didn't recognize each other when we met at work. Freaky, eh?

So there's this fiber festival this weekend. *wink* I'll probably be there both days, beloved boyfriend in tow. I'll be at the Ravelry meetup at noon on Saturday, the Punkin Chuckin at noon on Sunday, and probably wandering around with a slightly drunken look from all the wool fumes the rest of the time. If you see me (and by now y'all know what I look like, so there's no excuse), please come up and say hi. I'll let you pet the silk I'm spinning!

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