24 October 2012

It's almost November, already!

So there was this big sheep and wool festival last weekend...

I didn't buy any fiber. I didn't buy any yarn. I didn't buy any sheep (though there were a pair of Soay sheep that would totally have fit in my car). I did buy soap and a mug (which I can't show you right now because I'm not at home), had some fantastic falafel, scarfed down samples of all the amazing cheeses, watched gourds being hurled through the air by siege weapons, and had a marvelous time with excellent people.

Rhinebeck has ceased to be a huge deal to me, but it's still a lot of fun. I know when I want to get there, who I want to walk around with, what I want to buy, and how exhausted I'm going to be by the end of the day (and, thus, how big a milkshake I need to order at the Eveready Diner to recharge myself enough to drive home). I skip things I know will be too draining (like the Ravelry meetup) and make time for the things that make me happy (like Punkin' Chuckin').

It also helped that the weather was absolutely perfect this year: just chilly enough for displaying lots of knitwear, but not so cold that sweaters had to be covered by coats, and lots of sunshine to keep the brains happy.

The next post will have pictures of the things I bought/made at/for Rhinebeck, and maybe some of my other projects, as well. Hopefully this will happen sometime before Thanksgiving.