26 August 2007

The Hook That Brings You Back

I've started a new project. Yes, another one. I'm running low on knitting needles, so I'm crocheting this new thing. It's thinking about being a tank top (I'm designing it as I go along), and it's made from the same recycled (100% cotton) yarn I used for Askew #1.

Raspberry Tank

Purty, huh? I'm using my beloved walnut Brittany G hook and a stitch pattern out of The Harmony Guides 220 More Crochet Stitches.

The fingerless gloves I'm making from the leftover Supersocke yarn are coming along nicely. Again, I made up the pattern as I went along.

Supersocke Gloves

I've put Clessidra aside for a while, and abandoned the idea of finishing it before Rhinebeck. With only two months left, other projects keeping me occupied, and the possibility of a job in the next few weeks, I just don't have time.


sylshessa said...

I like the stitches for the new tank. Are the holes big enough that you can see skin when it's done or will it be over another shirt?

Lilith Parker said...

It'll be over another shirt.

cindy said...

The crochet is tres lovely! The fingerless gloves are just what you'll need this fall/winter.

angelpix said...

I'm in love with the colorway on your fingerless gloves! Tell me more - I need to know what yarn that is!

angelpix1 'at' gmail.com