15 August 2007

Six-Month SuperSockeSocks

I started these socks in February after David's visit, and finally finished them yesterday. Reasons for the delay included: other projects catching my attention, those #@*&!%^ Crystal Palace circs, k4tog, and a touch of Second Sock Syndrome.

I give you: the SuperSockeSocks!



I had to tink and re-do the bind-off for the first one because it was too tight, and discovered that the tail I'd left was a little too short for comfort... I finished the bind-off with half an inch of yarn to weave in. Oh well. At least I can get the cuff over my heel now.

I'm happy with them, and I've started a fingerless glove with the remaining yarn (on other needles... those CP circs are going to hide in a dark corner for the rest of my life).

1 comment:

David said...

They're all-summer supersockesocks! And they're beautiful.