28 February 2007

Word of Warning

I hate to speak ill of a company unless it's deliberately obnoxious, but, for the sake of preserving the sanity of other sock/lace knitters out there, I need to warn you about Crystal Palace Yarns needles. Let me say first that I have no experience with their larger needles. This warning is only about the bamboo US#1/2.25mm circular needles.

These needles have a lip where the needle meets the cord. That joint is a ball-and-socket, which allows the needle to twist without twisting the cord. This is, in theory, a great idea. Unfortunately, at the 2.25mm size, there's enough of a difference between the size of the ball and the size of the socket that moving stitches from the cord to the needle is extremely frustrating.

Crystal Palace Yarns 2.25mm bamboo circs

I apologize for the blurry picture, but even with the blur, the lip is obvious. I want to love these needles, I really do, but trying to get stitches over the lip is annoying and time-consuming. Over the course of working the SuperSockeSock, I've found a way to hold the needle when moving stitches that sort of works, but the last few stitches still get stuck, and it doesn't work at all for lace rows.

As I said, I want to love these needles. I adore wood needles, and would love to have nothing but. These circs are just getting on my nerves so much that I don't want to work with them again. I may end up working the second SuperSockeSock on DPNs for the sake of my blood pressure.

So there it is: beautiful needles, soft and quiet, but that lip drives me bonkers.


David said...

Damn, that's a shame. I've got a pair of similar needles, same construction but different company and in a larger size. I love them.

You can always sell them on eBay.

Lilith Parker said...

If I had the requisite bank account to be an eBay seller, sure.