28 February 2007

You Know A Man Loves You...

when he gives you part of his stash. I know I already posted today, but gosh darn it, I just had to share this right away. This box arrived in the mail today from my Texan:

gifted stash

He keeps saying his stash is too big (it totally isn't) and I keep saying mine is too small (it totally is), so he sent me a few things to help even things out. He also sent me one of his gnome hats, with what is probably a silent dare to wear it in public. I'll leave the decision up to the S'nBers: should I wear it this Sunday?

The yarn: four balls of Cascade Pearls (two each of colors 9464 and 9546), two balls of Di.Ve' Laureen (discontinued, 15% Mohair, 44% Wool, 41% Acrylic) in color 821, a ball of Lamb's Pride Bulky in Fuchsia, and one ounce of glow in the dark phospherent nylon from HeartStrings FiberArts.

Not pictured were two boxes of curry mix, a bag of Earl Grey candies, some music, Firefly, and one of his old shirts. Every girl in a long-distance relationship needs a Boyfriend Shirt, you see. Wrapping herself in his scent helps keep the loneliness at bay between visits.

It's time for me to feed the dog, put on my Boyfriend Shirt, pop Firefly in the DVD player, and figure out what to make with all of this yarn. Mmmmm.


Mindy said...

Nice package! I love the Firefly DVDs and have been rewatching them in my house.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Awww, whatta guy.

That is sweet. I bet my man would love to give you some of my stash too.

sylshessa said...

So I'm not a S'nBer (and it took me a minute to sound out what that meant), but I say rock the gnome hat! Then take a pic so I can see just how gnomey it looks on!

soozies said...

Of course wear the hat! Wear it everywhere: driving, shopping, sleeping! It's from him!!! Send him pictures of yourself in the hat. Just the hat;)

melanie said...

They make EARL GREY CANDY?? You have to tell me where to get that.

Welcome to TV SnB, I'll be joining in person as soon as I move to CT in three weeks!