16 February 2007

To Frog Or To Finish?

After that Active Projects showcase, I present the Dormant Projects collection. First up, a project that was put aside relatively recently:

magenta bag

Tunisian/Afghan crochet isn't something I can do for long stretches, apparently. It's more of an on-again-off-again affair. I'll finish the bag eventually, but for now it's living in the bag I bring to the S'nB, hoping I'll put down Intolerable Cruelty.

brown bag

Remember the brown bag? The one I was messing with last year, and was so excited about when I started it? Yeah. I haven't touched it in months. I still love the idea, but I don't know if it'll come out the way I pictured it.

grey shrug

I officially hate this shrug. I should frog it. Trouble is, the yarn is Lion Brand "Jiffy", which doesn't frog well, and which I can't really use for anything else because of the fuzz factor. (I itch. Hooboy, do I ever itch.) It's not that far from being finished, but it requires more motivation and love than I have for it right now.

lemonegg shrug

I want to finish this one, and it's almost there. It just needs another five inches or so. Then I get to decide what I'm doing with the other four skeins of this airy acrylic/nylon.

project linus blanket

I feel bad for not having this finished yet, since it's for charity, but... it's so boring. Long rows of stockinette turn my brain to mush. Unhappy mush, at that. Mush that longs for lace or cables. Mush that would give anything for a sock that would work up quickly. Mush that... well, you get the idea.

renfaire stockings

These will be finished by the first RenFaire of the year. They will. I may be up late the night before the faire, cursing my procrastination, but the bloody things will be finished. Grr.

I'm thinking about taking the hoodie off the sidebar. I haven't touched it in ages, and I've already started thinking of alternate uses for the yarn. I think it's on its way to being frogged. It's a pity, but I've learned my lesson: when doing a big project, make sure you have enough yarn for it to begin with. Don't buy a few skeins and figure you'll go back and get more when you have time/money.

The Falling Leaves socks are almost finished. If I don't have time tomorrow, I'll almost certainly be binding off at the S'nB on Sunday.

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