06 February 2007

Short But Sweet

The weekend was wonderful. We had dinner with my family Saturday night, and my family managed to act like normal people. We went yarn shopping and hung out with the SnBers on Sunday (and David fell victim to my "honey, please?" eyes bought me a copy of Naughty Needles). Monday morning we browsed the LYS, toured my school, and then he got on a plane back to Texas and I cried all the way home.

I picked up a ball of sock yarn (On Line's Supersocke 100 Summer Color #790) and two US#1 Crystal Palace bamboo circs. I'm trying to keep myself from casting on with this yarn until I finish some of my WsIP, but I don't know how much more self-control I can muster.

Now it's back to reality and routine, with a countdown to April, when I'll see David again.

Smitten. Definitely smitten.

Edited to add:

Sunday night at dinner:
waitress - "So, you guys aren't really interested in the game, huh?"
David - "No, we don't follow hockey."


Lauren said...

That's a funny man you've got there!

jennsquared said...

It was so nice meeting your Texan. He IS very funny! Also, I left him a message on his blog to tell him to stay longer next time!

Suzy said...

He is quite a sweetie! I'm just a fellow knitter in SA who knows how good he looks in a kilt! ;)