19 February 2007

More, More, More
(How Do You Like It?)

I've been a bad girl.

I have over a dozen WsIP. I still haven't finished Falling Leaves. (Just a few more rows of ribbing to go!) I really shouldn't be starting anything new, right?

So why is there a new project on my needles?

I bought yarn the other night. It wasn't much... just three balls of Wool-Ease. One will be a hat for my sister (which should have been a Christmas present, but I got distracted), another will probably be Greenery mittens/gloves when I get around to designing them, and the third ball was out of its band and being worked an hour after I got it home.

Let's hear it for cheap and easy yarn!

The third ball is on its way to being my first pair of gloves. All of the digits for the first glove are finished, and now I'm trying to figure out how to work the hand. At the S'nB yesterday, Sunflowerfairy mentioned that I don't work from patterns very much. She's right... I think Falling Leaves and Intolerable Cruelty are the only projects I've used patterns for. Well, there were those mittens that I made just before Christmas and frogged at the movies last night... ugh. I like experimenting, but I like using particular techniques. Like with these gloves, I worked the fingers tip-down with short rows instead of palm-up with decreases.

David says I'm a knitting snob. I say I have a refined and specific taste in designs and techniques.

Yeah, I'm a knitting snob. I'm also easily distr... ooh, pretty new yarn! I need to go knit now.

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Sheepish Annie said...

I just tripped and fell on a ball of Lion Brand Chunky USA. Now I've started a scarf. Which is exactly what I said I wouldn't do when I started the sweater. And the socks. And the other scarf.


I just keep telling myself that multiple projects is a sign of high creativity and intelligence. ;)