26 February 2007

Super! Claudia!

Y'know how I said I'd been bad, casting on new projects and ignoring the old ones? Yeah. It gets worse.

After finishing the Falling Leaves socks (which I wore to the S'nB today), I decided that I need more socks, and since they're small and quick to make, they shouldn't take much time away from the older projects. Right? Right. So I cast on with the Supersocke yarn Friday night.


I just finished turning the heel on the first one tonight. I went with Mum and sis to an orchid show in New Hampshire on Saturday, and while everyone else was looking at the pretty flowers, I was working on this sock. Five or six people came up to me during the three hours we were there and asked me what I was working on. One woman was amazed to learn that one could knit with needles the thickness of toothpicks (US#1). I love the cotton/wool/nylon yarn, I have a burning hatred for k4tog and k4togtbl, and I won't buy Crystal Palace bamboo circs ever again. The lace pattern is #188 from Lesley Stanfield's The New Knitting Stitch Library.

Apparently having one sock to work on isn't enough. Halfway through SuperSockeSock #1, I picked up the Cherry Tree Hill merino I got at Rhinebeck and started a sock I've dubbed "The Claudia," since I saw Claudia shortly before looking at the yarn, and I think her orange obsession rubbed off on me. (I was too much of a wuss to say hi to her, or to Stephanie, but seeing knitblogging celebrities in person really thrilled me. I'm going to try to say hi to more of the bloggers this year.)

Where was I? Oh, right, The Claudia.

Claudia sock

It's bright, happy, and just a little bit twisted. Like me! It was partially inspired by Stephanie, as well... the darker sock in this post got the creative juices flowing in my brain when I was planning this design. The two-stitch cables are twisted every fourth row, and have a 1-stitch purl border on each side. And while I'm thinking about patterns and charts, go pester David to add more stitches to VisiKnit so we can chart lace as well as cables. ;)

Putting down the needles and going to bed now... well, maybe once I finish this row... or this repeat... or something.


Sunflowerfairy said...

'Course you get first dibs. Would it be anyone else???

Gotta warn you though, it's a whole lotta grandma knitting needles though.

I might be able to scare up some sock yarn. No promises though.

The sock looks pretty, even in photos. ;)

soozies said...

You are totally inspiring me to step into no-man's land (no-person's land?): the arena of crocheted socks. I think it can be done.

Your work is beautiful.

And thanks for showing me that ivory hook, it was luscious :)))