02 March 2007

There's Sugar In My Head

To celebrate birthdays at Chez Parker, we usually go out to dinner. We're going out to dinner for other reasons on Saturday and Monday, so I decided to count those as my birthday dinners and make myself a cake. I flipped through Joy of Cooking and found the "Ultra-Orange Cake (Vegan)". It uses vegetable oil, orange juice, and vinegar (to react with the baking soda) instead of eggs and dairy. The result is a moist, fluffy cake that smells and tastes absolutely wonderful.

let me eat cake

This... is not a good picture. It is, however, the best I could do with the lighting and background I had. The icing, also from Joy of Cooking, is powdered sugar mixed with a little cream, a splash of vanilla, and just enough milk to make it spreadable. Diabetics, look away.

piece of orange cake

Can you see how moist it is? I'm so proud of this cake. It's all I can do not to devour it in one sitting. I promised a piece to my sister, and another to one of my instructors, so I can't eat it all, I suppose.

To treat myself, I'm going into school a few hours late today, and tomorrow I'm doing something I haven't done in ages... I'm buying sewing patterns. This month is going to be spent making cute clothes for my trip to Texas.

Now I'd like to play a game. It's called Guess Lilith's Age! Over the weekend I'll pick up something cool for a prize, and I'll pick a winner Monday morning. People who already know the answer cannot play. Ready? Set? Guess!


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday! Okay, I'm guessing you're 28. That's a good age.

Sunflowerfairy said...

87! (Damn, you look good for your age...)

allergicmom said...

I'm going to guess 27. Happy birthday to you! (And I didn't get cake for my birthday, so I think I'll ask for some of that dairy-free orange cake, too!)

Allison said...

Happy late birthday! Thanks for sending the orange cake recipe. I can't wait to try it out!