27 March 2007

Sad Student

Going to trade school is exhausting. When I get home at 6 all I want to do, and pretty much all I'm able to do, is have a quick nosh and curl up in front of the TV/computer with my knitting. This doesn't match the Harlot's schedule, unfortunately. I didn't get to Represent, despite being a mere two-hour drive away. I probably won't make it to Webs for the book signing in May. This makes me sad. I have, however, found a new SnB group that meets a few miles up the road from me on Thursday nights, and I think I can muster the energy to hang out for an hour or two.

Tangerine is almost finished. Four more 20-row repeats (each of which takes me about 45 minutes in front of the TV set), and then it's just the picot edging and blocking. This will be my biggest FO, and also my most impressive, so I'm really excited. This was what it looked like a few days ago, when I had about 10 repeats to go:

Tangerine shawl

I'm also still working on Greenery v.2, SuperSockeSock #2, Claudia sock #1, and a random hat I'll call Ziggy. (Yes, Jenn, I'll write up a pattern for you when it's finished.)

Time to hit the library for a video I've been meaning to borrow, and then do another repeat on Tangerine before lunch. Oof.


Allison said...

Wow! This looks fantastic! Where is the pattern from? I'm on the lookout for shawl patterns for the wedding and you're so in love with this one I'd like to consider it.

I second the sleepy times. It's better since I'm no longer at Starbucks, but the night shift can still wear me out to the point of having no desire to do anything afterwards.

Lilith Parker said...

It's on page 84 of _Victorian Lace Today_ by Jane Sowerby. :) Let me know if you want some help with wedding knitting!

jennsquared said...

See! I know you love me :) :) :) I can't wait to be the first one (besides you) to make Greenery v.2!!! :)