18 March 2007

Ease-y Hat

This past Christmas, my sister asked for a hat. I finally finished it yesterday. It's Wool-Ease, 100 stitches on US#6, 2x2 ribbing with four evenly-spaced rows of cables.


sister's Christmas hat


sister's Christmas hat

I've been working on the shawl and on a new version of the Greenery Hat. There seem to be two things about the original pattern that need tweaking: the gauge (too tight) and the height (conehead!). The new pattern will have slightly less-chunky cables and a smaller repeat so it'll be easier to add or subtract a section as necessary, and the crown decreases will be worked a little less gradually.

So, for those keeping score, the patterns in progress are:

-Greenery Hat v.2
-Greenery Mittens
-Secret Gloves (that might be submitted to Knitty in a few months, so I can't really talk about them)

My vacation starts in 19 days. It's not nearly soon enough, and won't last nearly long enough, but it'll be wonderful.


jennsquared said...

WooWooWoo! I want to be the first one to try out your Greenery Hat v.2!!!

And Greenery Mittens too! Can't wait! :)

soozies said...

This has nothing to do with this blog...but can you help me make progress bars like you have in your "On the Needles"?

I can't find a widget for it anywhere.