16 September 2008

Farm Fest Fiber, Finished!


Better late than never, here's what I saw at Farm Fest two weeks ago. Brigid's in the foreground with about a quarter of what I spun on her that day. In the background is the tractor parade that happened around lunchtime.

I decided that the wool I spun that day needed to be two-ply, so I wound both cops onto bobbins and brought them to Vermont with Babette, where I turned them into this:



I didn't measure yardage or WPI, but this much barely made a dent in the bump it came from, so I can make a lot more if I decide to turn it into something big. Pretty, huh?

1 comment:

Patty said...

Pretty? WAY pretty! I'll be watching your Ravelry site for the sweater. No pressures.