27 July 2008

Back On The Horse

What's the best way to get over being dumped? Dates! Two of them in the next week, to be exact: one with a hardcore Star Wars geek who will probably be just a friend, and one with an SCA armorer who I hope will be more than a friend. Putting up a profile on OKCupid has helped my ego a lot, and I have my sister to thank for the suggestion.

I think I need more sock needles. Or fewer socks on the needles. I love working on socks, but I get bored with them so quickly. At SnB last week I was working on the Clown Socks, and someone asked if they were the same ones I'd been working on for months. It's not that I've been working on them, really... I've been ignoring them for months! And compared to some of the projects in my WIP/UFO basket, the Clown Socks are pretty young.

The brown sweater is two sleeves and a good blocking away from being finished. Askew #2 (remember that one?) needs straps, lacing, and blocking. A few other projects are close to being finished, too... I just need to be able to look at them without thinking, "ugh, not you again."

Time to knit!

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Sunflowerfairy said...

Those SCA boys...mmmmm, mmmm.