01 July 2008

Reminds Me Of The One I Love

I've been home for a week and can't shake the depression. It's getting to be a problem because I need to get a job... which is tough when all I want to do is stay in bed and mope. I had such a great time in Texas that coming back to Connecticut is really disappointing. The humidity sucks, the people aren't as friendly... I just don't want to be here. I mean, check out the stuff I got to see and do:


We spent some time at the river (yes, he's wearing swim trunks instead of a kilt).


We met a snake.


David's stepfather killed the snake.

ninja1 mayday1 bubba1

I met David's new brothers: Ninja, Mayday, and Bubba.


I also met Beauregard, the ewok on meth.


Beau likes to eat cats.


Mayday likes to eat fingers...


and toes.


Hummingbirds like to eat sugarwater.


And fish like to eat people. Seriously, the little f'kers tried to chew on us while we were swimming. I let them have it with a pool noodle, but I don't think they got the idea. F'king fish!

We traded in the free-range fish experience for the captive fish (and assorted sea life) experience at Sea World:






...including a waterskiing show!


(He's barefoot!)

Can you see why it's hard for me to get back to the daily grind here? But I really do need to get a job. I need to be able to pay for the shipping container that's going to move all my stuff.

To Texas.

In November.


Rhinebeck will be my last event up here, and then I'll pack up my life and head for warmer weather. I'll miss snow, but I'll be with David, so it'll be worth it.


Divine Bird said...

Hey, beautiful!

I have those bobbins for you--we should just get together for coffee and tea and spinning one of these days. I'd like to actually hang out with you! (Beyond the rare SnB appearance, that is...)

Call meeeeeee! Or else I'll call you. :D

Sunflowerfairy said...

Aww! David is so much better than snow, trust me. ;)

I'm moving to Marlborough. Is that closer to you at all??

Suzy said...

SA will be glad to have you in Nov. I knew it wouldn't be long before you couldn't resist. Meeting snakes at the river is never a good thing...it's that poisonous aspect, ya know
!! I HATE snakes.
Glad you got to Sea World. I absolutely love Shamu and the whole experience there. David will have to have a welcome to Texas party so he can deep fry, cook, mix (when he gets the mixer!),etc. for us.....I mean you!:)
Take it from someone who spent 7 long years in upstate NY. Sun, no matter how hot, is always better than 6 months of snot!!!

Suzy said...

I meant SNOW...although with 6 months of SNOW there is a lot of SNOT! ;)

David said...

Have I mentioned that I, Beau, and the kittehs all miss you?

sylshessa@aol.com said...

I'm going to miss you so much. Would you still come to see rhinebeck each year? Although, when I'm visiting my dad, you wouldn't be far away so we could still do things then.....

KnitNana said...

How cool! Get that depression behind thee! You've got a GOAL!