19 July 2008

Dark Knight

It's 1am, and my sister and I just got back from seeing the new Batman movie. I won't post spoilers, but I will tell you that it's freakin' amazing. Heath did an absolutely stunning job, and it's heartbreaking that he won't get to hear all the praise he earned. The plot moves nicely, the fighting and chases are well-choreographed, the acting is superb, and the explosions are beautiful. I stood in line for over half an hour to see this film, and while that wouldn't be much if it had been something I knew I was going to love (I stood in line for four hours in NYC for one of the Star Wars prequels, for example), it's more than I've done for any other movie that wasn't at the top of my Must See list. And you know what? The wait (and the b*tchy little diva behind us in the queue going on about how 13-year-olds have to dress like sluts or they'll never get a date) was worth it.

And now to sleep.

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