04 August 2008

Muggles and Mom

I'd love to show you the current WIP that I carry in my purse these days, but... it's kind of boring. Stockinette beanies are like that. I will tell you that one of the boys I met last week looked very interested when I took it out in the movie theater, and when I told him I brought my knitting everywhere with me, his response was, "that is awesome!" The other boys I've met in the last week have been similarly impressed. I seem to be attracting the right sort of muggles.

Speaking of muggles, my mother has asked me to help her re-learn how to knit. Apparently I'm not finishing (or heck, starting) the projects she wants made for her quickly enough, so she's taking matters into her own hands. She has plenty of yarn (unraveled thrift store sweaters), and we got her some needles, so all that remains is for me to use KnitWare to make a pattern for her. She's ambitious: she wants to make a sweater right off the bat. Based on her swatch, I think she'll do just fine.

Life is busy but good. I'd forgotten how great it feels to be single.

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