23 August 2008


Earlier this week, New Haven SnBer Katy was asked to help clean out a relative's house, and she invited a few of us along, since said relative was a fiber artist. The fee for taking whatever we wanted was simply sorting out all the fiber and yarn so the stuff we didn't want could go to auction.

The fiber studio was like a candy store, with yarn, fiber, and tools everywhere. The first thing we saw was the huge loom, and next to it... two walking wheels. One lacked a spindle, but the other one was intact. At the end of the day, my guy showed up with his pickup truck, and we brought home my new baby.


Folks, meet Brigid. As far as I can tell, she has no marks indicating maker or age, so I don't know her story, but all she needs is a cotter pin and a drive band (plus a good cleaning), so I'm thrilled to have her.




Now I just have to figure out where to keep her. She's tucked in a corner of the living room right now, but we're going to be having some construction done near that area in a week or two, so she'll have to be relocated.

I finally have a walking wheel. I can't get over it!

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weeble wobble said...

I'm so so happy that you got her and are giving her a good home! Brigid is a perfect name.