18 June 2007

I Askew

Nicole is finished. Well, mostly finished -- she needs some elastic and some buttons and some ends woven in, but the knitting, blocking, and seaming are finished.

But you don't get to see her yet. Yep, I'm evil like that. I have been triple dog dared to post pics of me wearing it, and a dare of that magnitude isn't something I can just walk away from. I'm going to have David take some pictures when I visit him again (in less than three weeks!), and y'all will see them when we get around to uploading them... which will be after he removes Nicole from my body and has his way with me. (Still wondering about the deadline, Patty?)

In the meantime, I'm about 5/8ths of the way through a(nother) new project: Askew. I'm making it out of one of the recycled sweaters, and using the stealth needles, with which I fall more and more in love with every stitch.

Knitty's Askew

I'm altering the pattern a bit. To keep my OCD happy and my butt covered, I'm making the back the same as the front. To make it a little more delicate, I'm probably going to use braided/cabled I-cord for the straps. To make it more sexy, I'm thinking about lacing it up the sides with black satin ribbon.

Askew is such a quick, easy knit that I'll be finished with it this week. Then I'll focus on another new project, one I started last week after I bought Interweave's Lace Style. I'll take pictures when it's longer than three inches.

In other news, I have a cold, and it's not David's fault this time. Bleah. To all the SnBers, I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. The free time I've had hasn't matched up with the SnB schedule. I will try to make it back soon.


Beverly said...

I've missed you at SnB--hope your cold goes away quickly!!

ck said...

Love your alteration ideas on Askew especially the ribbon...can't wait to see it.

Sunflowerfairy said...

We miss you. Take care of yourself, will ya?

Or you could try to keep the cold and get your Texan sick in a few weeks as payback from last time...no??


Michelle said...

Can't wait to see how your modifications of Askew look when it's done!