04 September 2007

Night Knitting

Every morning as I'm going through the nearly 60 knitblogs on my daily reading list, I think, I should post something today. (And, I should update my blogroll, too.) Then I go to Ravelry, get sucked into the forums, and completely forget to post anything on my blog. I had to stick a note to my monitor before I went to bed last night so I'd remember to post today after pulling myself away from the forums.

So. How y'all been? I've been tagging along with a friend when he goes night fishing, so I've been getting very good at knitting in the dark, which is why Askew #2 is about 15 rows and two straps away from being finished. The current crochet project is in my bag, too, and its front side is a few rows away from being finished. The second fingerless glove hasn't been worked on in a few weeks, but it's close to being finished, too. Stuff might actually get crossed off the WIP list soon!


See? Stuff! Almost finished! Yay!

Anyone gonna be at the Hebron Fair this weekend? If my surcoate were in wearable condition, I'd be helping out the CT RenFaire folks, but alas, said surcoate has been collecting dust for many months and is not ready to be taken out in public. So I'll be there in modern clothes, probably hanging out with a tall redneck who wears a black leather cowboy hat. (He stands out in a crowd far better than I do, so you're better off looking for his hat than for my green-streaked hair.) If you see me, come say hi! I love meeting other knitbloggers, especially at non-knitting events.

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