07 March 2008

Wrap Up

Friday night, our last night here, and it's been snowing for an hour or two. David and I just walked down to the tavern and back, enjoying the village feel of the cluster of townhouses on our little hill. We watched the snow falling in the beam of the tavern's spotlight, made up stories about the dog whose footprints made a rather drunken path to our neighbor's door, and lamented the tavern's early closing time. Nine o'clock on a Friday night? Please.

It's been a wonderful week up here in Stowe, and tomorrow we'll be heading back to my place. We'll be making a stop on the way: lunch with my mother in Northampton. If we survive that, we'll drop our bags at home and go to the movie we've been meaning to see all week. Then it's a good night's sleep, and David flies back to Texas Sunday afternoon.

Like all of our vacations, this one isn't nearly long enough, but we've had a lot of fun, taken a lot of pictures, and we have a lot of good memories to tide us over until the next time we see each other. We'll both be posting more about our fibery (and non-fibery) adventures soon.

If you'll excuse me, my loverboy is going to build us a fire, make some hot chocolate, and wrap me in his arms for a while before we crawl off to bed. Good night, all.

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David said...

So, how was the sex?