03 March 2009

It's In The Bag

Yesterday was my birthday, and Erik got me the one thing I asked for: a 1000 Knitters Project tote bag.


I decided I had to have it when I was browsing through Franklin's shop and noticed the pictures on the back of it (version two, for those of you browsing over there now).


See that? No? Okay, look closer...

(click to embiggen)

It's me! There are a few other famous faces on this one, too, which makes it even cooler.

I've already loaded the tote up with enough knitting and spinning projects to keep me busy for a few hours while I experience for the first time the quaint Vermont tradition called Town Meeting. Sure, we had town meetings in Connecticut, but most folks didn't much care, and I don't think I ever went. In Vermont, though, people care, so I'm off to see what all the fuss is about. And maybe finish the scarf I intended to give Erik for Christmas.



Shannon said...

Aaaah, the town meeting! I was really excited about town meeting day when we moved here. Funny, I've never been to one.
And now we're moving back to CA.

And I will miss these tiny towns.

sylshessa said...

Is that really you on the tote? I can't see very well and I'm too tired to decide if it's a joke. So you know where you where photographed?

sylshessa said...

...and please excuse the typos

Lilith Parker said...

Yes, Sylshessa, it's really me. Back in December of '07 I drove up to Maine to be photographed for this project, and I knew there was the chance of having my face on swag. :)