27 December 2009

Done Like Turkey

I'm happy to say that, after years of suffering from a terrible case of startitis, I have finally begun a trend of actually finishing my knitting projects. As a result, I have lots of pics. As always, click to embiggen.

Remember the LemonEgg shawl that I started something like two and a half years ago? Well, it's finally finished!



It's warm and cozy and... yellow. What else can I say?

I also made two Christmas stockings, both decorated with needle felting. One was for Erik:


...and one was for Sassafrass, my greyhound:


Sassy is usually seen with her tongue hanging out these days, so, at Erik's suggestion, I added a tongue to her stocking.


The Open Knotwork Lace scarf I started in April of last year is finished!


The pooling is wonky, but it's KnitPicks, so I'm not surprised.

I made a Malabrigo hat...


...with a hole for my ponytail!


And I crocheted a snowflake that I then starched and used as a tree topper.


I'm trying to pull out something from the UFO box every time I finish a project and work at least a few rows on whatever it is, so maybe you'll see some other long-neglected projects pop up here as FOs.

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas, Solstice, Festivus, or other holiday of your choice, and have a fantastic new year!


David said...

Love the tongue on Sassy's stocking.

kate smudges said...

Just discovered your blog via Blithering Knitiot. Love your stockings and the snowflake.

I share a common trait ~ hyphen-lover knitter-blogger.

Sandra Rhule said...

Could you please e mail me a copy of lacy Winged Shawl Pattern from Knitting Pattern a Day 2007! I need to knit it! Ta in advance.