15 April 2010

Getting Better

My first day at the Spinnery was good. I came home smelling of lanolin, wondering how a cooperative can possibly make timely decisions, and eager to go back tomorrow. I spent most of the day twisting and labeling skeins, with brief interruptions to ball three skeins for a customer and pose for an impromptu photo shoot ("You look about the right size. Here, put on this sweater and come outside."). The people are great, the work appeals to me, and I get to inhale wool fumes all day. This job is a good fit for me. I hope it lasts.


Paul said...

It sounds like an awesome job - I'd love doing that.

Can you believe my workd verification is "fauckk"? LOL!

Divine Bird said...

You're living the dream, L!! I love that you have a million jobs in one. :D

k-brow said...

Very cool! I like their yarn. You sound like you're coming out of a long dark tunnel, and I hope things continue to look up for you this spring!