25 May 2010

The Birds

It's probably a good thing that I haven't seen a certain Hitchcock film, as I've been having some close encounters with my feathered friends lately, and I don't need more reason to be freaked out.

First, there's a pair of what I think are flycatchers that have built a lovely little daub-and-moss nest on top of the security light just outside my front door. I like these birds, and they're very cute, but they're also somewhat territorial, and every time I leave, I have to pass right under their nest. They don't like this at all. They hover a few feet from my head and snap their wings at me, then pop off to the nearest tree and angrily chirp at me until I get in my car and go. I wish I could relocate them to make life a little less stressful for both of us.

Then this morning, around 6:45, I heard some tapping on my window. Initially my heart jumped to my throat and I reached for the phone because the ex has been stalking me, but when I sat up and looked out the window, there was a little bird sitting on the sill, staring at me. I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see it clearly, and as soon as I moved again, it flew away, but it definitely made eye contact.

So that was an interesting way to wake up. Now, because I'm not completely awake and exhausted all of my nervous energy telling you about the birds, I'm going to wrap up this post with some long-awaited pictures. Enjoy!

neckwarmer made with yarn spun from alpaca fiber purchased at CT S&W

fiber purchased at CT S&W

14th-century-style hood made back in January and finally blocked the other day

Jaggerspun 2/20 Cobalt heather

yarn spun from the mystery fleece I picked up at work

More pics next time!


Anonymous said...

Your "ex" came to your house once because you stole his stuff and the cops told him to keep asking for it back.

That is not stalking and you are paranoid and obsessed to think that every little tap and sound is your ex.

Get over yourself and stop grasping for attention by claiming your ex is doing things that he isn't.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - she immediately stated that it was not her ex.

Why don't you get over yourself?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anonymous, you're just another guy who isn't remotely good enough for our favorite knitting lady. Only a crazy person would think Lilith capable of stealing.
Have your head examined, stop lying, and, as the previous post recommended, get over yourself! Walk away before you embarrass yourself even more.

Anonymous said...

I believe the point is that she isn't actually being stalked, she only thinks she is and her reaction to the bird bears that out. The threat exists only in her mind. I have MUCH better things to do than drive 45 minutes each way to pester an ex to little effect at great emotional cost. I went there to request my possessions back, she refused to act like an adult and so now it is in the hands of the courts. No further contact is necessary until the court-date.

Lilith isn't capable of stealing? She has cheated on and lied to nearly every major partner she has ever had. She makes a lifestyle out of constant deception and manipulation. She has physically assaulted someone and she has knowingly slept with a fellow who she knew had STD's and then had unprotected sex with another innocent individual to whom she lied to by promising that she had not had any risky contact and that all parties were tested clean. Therefore it might be within the realm of reason that this bi-polar narcissist might be capable of enough mental gymnastics to find justification to claim property which isn't hers. If you are willing to expose someone to permanent and dangerous infection without their knowledge, stealing a shirt seems rather trivial by comparison...

I don't think anyone is going to lose any sleep on not being good enough for that. In any case, it doesn't matter because clearly your favorite knitting lady can do no wrong.

IMO the results speak for themselves. Nearly 30 partners and counting (clearly, not a one of them deserved your favorite knitting lady) and she is still single, uneducated, underemployed after epic bouts of sheer lazyness and exploitation of the system and depressed. On top of it she has a group of friends that still supports her blindly rather than actually helping her to make better choices in life. Take a look at your favorite knitting lady and notice the pattern that she follows, this is nothing new, and you are simply enabling her self-destructive cycles and world view. Neither she nor her sister are capable of maintaining a healthy intimate relationship, they are broken and their track record speaks to that. Lilith uses men as quick-fixes and distractions and then scapegoats, and despite my best efforts she succeeded in applying her usual pattern to me as well.

You want to help her? Stop enabling her and yes-ing her to death and intervene to help her sort out the faulty wiring.

I am now stepping out of this conversation. To folks from my camp, please don't add fuel to the fire. You are up against professional forum-warriors and its not going to help, cathartic as it may be.

In fact, both sides would be well served to not feed the trolls any further.

-The Windy Ex

Sunflowerfairy said...

If it's in the hands of the court, why comment repeatedly here? Isn't that stalking in and of itself? That tshirt must have been one fine looking thing if you drove 45 minutes to get it without permission. Or are you going to be honest and say that you were really checking up on things?

Why drag up someone else's personal info and post it here? In all honesty, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I don't care HOW many people she's been with. You could have written that she was with 1000 people and it would not have any effect how I feel for my friend. What she does behind closed doors and the people she does it with is NONE of anyone's business. (And, BTW, MILLIONS of people have STD's. Think you're not going to get one eventually? Think again, kiddo. Let's hope that it's the kind that goes away with some meds, eh?) The fact that you felt the need to post such things on her blog (knowing full well that people who care about her will read it) speaks volumes about you and YOUR integrity.

Shame on you, Erik.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really didn't want to continue this, but just wow.

Are you really defending her on the STD thing? Just because millions of people have them does not excuse someone intentionally infecting other people without their knowledge. Especially when, unfortunately both STD's she exposed us to are not treatable.

A guy said "I have herpes" and she had unprotected sex with him anyway. A month later she gets back with me and I ask "was he clean and did you do anything risky" and she said "Yes he was totally clean and no we had no contact" and then proceeds to have unprotected sex with me. My bad for trusting a habitual liar, granted, but nonetheless her behavior is inexcusable.

Turns out the guy had more than just herpes and she deliberately put my health in serious jeopardy because she lacks the morale fiber and courage to do the right thing and your defense of "well your are going to get one eventually" is just mind boggling.

I'm going to grow old and die one day too it doesn't mean I am going to be ok with someone pointing a gun to my head.

Thankfully we aren't talking about HIV but if we were, she quite simply made choices that could have killed me and she intentionally withheld information from me and thus denied me the opportunity to give informed consent.

I'm sorry, but I think you need to get a little perspective. There are some things you just don't do to people intentionally. Lilith's life is a laundry list of checkmarks next to these sort of things and you as her friend have a responsibility to provide some moral perspective rather than enable malicious and destructive behavior. You've already encouraged her to lie, cheat on her partners and now you are excusing her intentionally infecting other people with permenent STD's without their knowledge. Where is the line?

Since I have been lured into breaking my silence on this anyway, just to defend myself, the property in question is a whole lot more than just a t-shirt. I only went to her place once AFTER being advised to do so by the state police. You may doubt my motives all you like but I was hardly "checking on her" and even if I was there is not much that I can learn in a 3 minute visit anyway to justify all the trouble. Had she tossed my stuff out the window and said nothing I would have collected it and left without a word and been quite content.

Lilith thrives on attention, and she is very good at getting it. Now I'm going to go try to wrap my head around how some people actually exist on the same planet the rest of us do and renew my effort to stay out of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign the above, anonymous isn't my style.

Also, it was bad enough that I quietly suffered through 2 years of emotional and physical abuse at her hands and it is disheartening to me to see her friends be so clueless as to who she really is. I had no intention or desire to hang our dirty laundry in public, but when she breaks the truce by attacking my character on the internet by claiming I am stalking her, I am going to defend myself.

After being manipulated and controlled for so long, call it a need to stand up for myself. If that bothers you, consider how you would look at it if the gender roles were reversed.

-The Windy Ex

Lilith Parker said...

Erik, go away. This *is* stalking, and it *does* mean you're an unstable, dangerous person. Leave me alone, leave my friends alone, and keep your delusions to yourself. I'm only leaving your comments up as proof of your instability.