30 June 2011

Blocking Bolero

It figures that I have to be seriously under the weather for a day or two in order to post about knitting. Boo, sick, but yay, blogging!

Leading up to New Hampshire Sheep & Wool in May, I knew I'd be working the event and knew I wanted to show off some knitting, so I started a quick-and-easy project thinking I'd have plenty of time to get it done. As with everything I've ever tried to do on a deadline, I heard that whooshing sound Douglas Adams used to talk about, and had to pull a backup plan out of the closet. I ended up wearing my Tangerine shawl over black (looked awesome, if I do say so myself) and working on the other project at the show. That other project was bound off a few days later, and then hibernated until I had the time to block it (and babysit to make sure the cats didn't kill it while it dried), which ended up being today.

This is the Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher, and it's probably going to be my new favorite thing to throw on over a tank top on chilly summer evenings.


It's aaaaaaalmost dry, and I'll probably seam it tonight before I pass out. Kira, the troublemaker, spent the day investigating the blocking process, and finally got the hint (with help of squirt bottle) that she could be next to the project but not on it, so I forgave her when she shifted in her sleep and crossed the boundary a little.


The edges of the bolero are bowed out like that because I didn't like how closed the lace looked when the edges were straight. The little bit of extra length will be on the "sleeves" and should keep my arms a smidge warmer.

I've also finished (but not blocked) a scarf/wrap thing that I'll tell you all about... some other time. Meanwhile, I'm hoping I'll feel well enough to go back to work tomorrow, and then Saturday the fella and I are off to a Tour de Fleece kickoff party, even though I'm not doing the competition. Any excuse to see my CT SnB buddies!

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