08 September 2011

Srsly, d00d...

After such a heavy post, it's time for a little lightness. But it's me, and I'm having a bad week, so it's grumpy lightness. You've been warned.

Dear Google,

Okay, so what's with the constant redesigning of the iGoogle page? First you turned a perfectly usable toolbar from white to black, which forced me to change my theme to something that I really don't like, but that doesn't look terrible with the new color. Then, you altered the GMail gadget's looks, but... only in Chrome. The Firefox version is still neat and trim, but the Chrome version, which I use on my laptop, is chunky and hideous. Now you've turned a neutral grey button into a BRIGHT BLUE one that doesn't work with *any* theme, and the whole mess is off-center, presumably to piss off those of us who are just a wee bit obsessive-compulsive.

So what's the deal? Is the design team off its Ritalin? Are you trying to keep things "fresh" and "dynamic" like the marketing guys told you to, forgetting that one should usually do exactly the opposite of what the marketing guys say? Are you deliberately trying to tank your company by pissing people off to the point where they stop using your service?

Whatever the reason, could you please just stop it? I'd like to have a few months to get used to a look before you go screwing it up again. Please?

Grumpy Girl

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