09 January 2012


The confluence of cloudy days, a lull in the job search, and the depressive phase of my Bi-Polar symptoms means I've been struggling to pull myself out of bed for the last week or so. Despite my inability to do much else, though, I've been remarkably devoted to one new knitting project. It doesn't look like much right now, so I won't take a picture, but it's going to be a cute little top-down, raglan 3/4-sleeved, cropped cardigan.

The only trouble is that I'm using the Cascade 220 that I bought years and years ago with the intention of making a cabled hoodie (never got beyond the first sleeve), and at the time I was more concerned about my budget than about dye lots, so I only bought a skein or two... and this pattern requires closer to three.

So now, with the body nearly finished and not quite enough yarn to do even one sleeve, I'm realizing that yet another sweater is going to be set aside to hibernate. The last one was intended for Rhinebeck a few years back and was stuffed away at the bottom of the WIP basket out of boredom. Maybe this will be an excuse to finish the old one while the new one waits for me to have a yarn budget again.

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