11 February 2012

May You Live In Interesting Times


The noise pulls me out of half-sleep, and I look at the clock. It's a few minutes after 11pm, I've been in bed for maybe fifteen minutes, and I have a super-long day coming up, so I need my sleep. Whoever's knocking on the door can just stuff it...



Okay, if they're that insistent, it's got to be important. Must get up and see what's going on. Dislodge cat who had been happily settled on my hip, inadvertently wake up boyfriend as another cat reacts to being jostled, remember that my robe is already packed and don't think I have time to hunt around in the dark for the hoodie I dropped on the floor, so dash downstairs in tank top and satin jammies. Open the door to find an agitated man who tells me, "your chimney's on fire!"

So, naturally, I run outside, barefoot, to verify this fact. Yup, that's fire alright. Landord's awake, 911 has been dialed, creosote buildup has already been accepted as the cause, and I go back inside to put on something warmer and wait for the firemen to arrive.

Nobody was hurt, and there was no damage, but it certainly made the night... interesting.

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