08 March 2012

Jobbage: I Has It!

I'm almost done with my first week at the new job, and I found myself thinking today that almost every aspect of this job counters every bad thing about my last regular job, and makes my decision to leave that position completely justified.

Every day, I give the same stock answer to the same stock question, and nobody accuses me of being grumpy. Every day, I work my little butt off, and every day, the plant manager leaves his office to tell me that he's hearing very good things about the quality and quantity of my work, and he thanks me. Every day, I have a supervisor who tells me what I'm going to be doing, doesn't talk down to me if I don't understand something, quickly corrects me if I'm doing something wrong, and appreciates my input if I think there might be a better way of completing a task. Every day, no matter what mood I'm in when I start my shift, one or another of my coworkers makes me laugh.

I don't worry about whether or not I'm going to get a paycheck on time. I don't worry about whether my boss is going to yell at me, because my boss is professional and never takes out his personal issues on anyone at work. I don't have to be cheerful or pretend that I love coming in every day, I just have to put in a solid day's labor. I don't worry about my health and safety, because the company has it covered. I don't worry about whether or not there will be something for me to do, because the management plans ahead and always has work for everyone. In short, I don't worry. There's nothing to worry about.

There is one downside to this job, aside from the exhaustion and soreness at the end of the day: I'm not knitting anymore. I'm too greasy at work and too tired when I get home to even think about picking up sticks and string.

I guess that's what weekends are for. Hurry up, Saturday, I have a sock I want to work on!

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