20 September 2012


Holy carp, busy girl is busy. I'd forgotten how much there is to do down here in the flatlands. I've been hanging out with Jenny a lot, doing spinning demonstrations and being a booth babe, and completely forgetting about this little blog. Let me fix that by telling you about a project that I finished a while back but haven't really shared yet.

Back when I was working at Green Mountain Spinnery, I spun some Simply Fine (fine wool and mohair) that was too heavy or light to pass quality control, so it was put in the reject bin and eventually found its way into my stash. I didn't have much, so I looked for a pattern that had a lot of visual interest in a small amount of yardage, but without being too complicated. I found Bias (Ravelry link) and fell in love with it, so I knit it up.


I loved the shape, the length, the stitch pattern... but the color? Not so much. As beautiful as undyed wool is, it just didn't work for me for this project. So I grabbed a gallon zip-top bag, some vinegar, a little bottle of green food coloring, and had some fun.


Now it's a lovely mottled green, and just long enough to be pinned around my neck, which is what I did yesterday...

...when I did a spinning demo with Jenny at the Big E! Look, it even matches my mug! (Thank you, Jenny, for taking the picture!)

I have a few days to relax, and then I'm going to be crazy busy again for the next week and a bit. Saturday is another spinning demo, but this time it's at the Northwest Park Country Fair, which is inexpensive and easy to get to, so all of you Connecticut and Western Mass folks should come. Then I have a few days of visiting friends before I'm off to Vermont for a roller derby tournament, and by the time I get back from that it'll be next month, which leaves me with just one question...

Who all's going to Rhinebeck? ;-D (I'll only be there on Saturday, and my phone doesn't get reliable service on site, so if you want to meet up, tell me beforehand.)

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