15 May 2013

Spring Update

Well, so much for a new post going up before Thanksgiving. Although, it's only May, and Thanksgiving isn't until November, so technically I am posting this before Thanksgiving... just not the one I meant to be posting before.


Things! And stuff! This is what my life has been full of lately. Knitting, spinning, traveling, starting a business, working, preparing for yet another move across state lines, bringing old sewing machines back from the dead... so I sort of have an excuse for not posting. Sort of.

Allow me to distract y'all with a few pictures from NH Sheep & Wool, where I spent a chunk of last weekend!

This sweet little Icelandic sheep was good enough to pose for a picture -- its pen-mate was more of a blur machine.

Shorn alpacas are such silly-looking creatures, but this one managed to bring a little dignity to the show. Check out that delicious mahogany color!

I was a bad girl and spent my lunch money on fiber (it was silk!), so I have something to work on while I'm vending or visiting at various renfaires and SCA events this summer. Totally worth it.

Meanwhile, life goes on. I have some merino/buffalo calling my name, so I'm going to pop in a movie and get spinning. Happy spring/summer, y'all!

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