23 October 2007

Rhinebeck, Year Two

[I knew David was something of a celebrity, what with being a cute, geeky, straight guy who wears kilts and knits and all, but I didn't realize he had so much power in the blogosphere until I checked my stats and found that, in the last two days, his blog has sent over three hundred visitors here. Thanks, hon! And welcome, everyone!]

Okay. Rhinebeck.

The weekend went too quickly. I wish that, like last year, I'd been able to get there Friday night and stay until Monday morning, but circumstances didn't permit, so I drove out and back both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I took my guy and my friend Cassie, and Sunday I went on my own and hung out with David.

I'd been planning on only going on Saturday, but I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do, so I came back on Sunday and finally hooked up with some of the people I'd been wanting to see. We found Juno and Etherknitter looking at cashmere, and just a few minutes later I was spotted by Eklectika. Sunflowerfairy wore the shirt I designed for her CP shop and indulged my sweet tooth with some maple cotton candy. Most of the Sunday New Haven SnB crowd was there: Suzy, Rebecca, Emily, blogless Katie, and probably a few I've forgotten (sorry!). Edit: We also spent a little time with Mel! His kilt is verrah sexy.

I missed a bunch of people, too... I really wanted to meet CygKnit, Cheryl, SpiderWoman, and Paul, (this list keeps getting longer as I read people's blogs this morning) but our paths didn't cross. Jenny and I were going to hang out, but issues with three crappy mobile phone service providers killed that plan.

I bought a few things, actually spending less this year in spite of having a bigger budget. I picked up two US#2 bamboo circs so I can start a new lace project with some recycled yarn. As I was walking through one of the barns, this beautiful Corriedale roving called out to me and wouldn't let me walk away without it.


While I have the ability to spin it, I want to have Jenny spin it for me, since she's much better than I am.

On my first trip through Building A on Sunday, I stopped at the Brooks Farm booth and saw some Primero in a red and black colorway. I fondled it and told it that I'd probably come back for it later. By the time I came back, it was gone, but its pewter-colored cousin was eager to come home with me.


I think it's going to be a lace shawl, maybe another out of Victorian Lace Today.

Sunday was a tough day for me, with both physical and emotional pain, but I'm glad I went to the festival. How else would I have met beauties like these?

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Cheryl said...

I was keeping my eyes peeled for you too. I can't believe we never ran into each other.

Laurie said...

That pewter is stunning. Subtle, and lovely, it will be perfect for lacework.

It was lovely to meet you. I didn't end up buying the cashmere, although I was sorely tempted by the shawls. You would do fine with the screaming red Corrie (good color, despite my blue leanings), but I know I will never knit an Orenburg. Orenberg?

It was a very tiring festival, in all ways. You must have been literally on your knees to get those good sheepshots.

Tarazed said...

Okay, color me jealous. You got to go to Rhinebeck, and know a sexy dude in a kilt ;)

Now that I know where your blog is, maybe I'll stalk you for a while.

Don't forget your pliers in all that yarn!

Sheepish Annie said...

I am just so very, very jealous of your getting to go to Rhinebeck!!! Maybe I can convince Mel to wear his kilt to the next Chicks With Sticks knitting night that I can get to. It'll sort of be like I was there for its actual debut...

So glad you had a great time!

Monique said...

RYN: the problem I had with trying to knit Greenery had nothing to do with the pattern. As far as i can tell, it's gonna be fairly easy. My problem was the yarn I was trying to use. I've never used manos before, or a thick/thin yarn for that matter. Also I am beginning to belive that whole 'sometimes the yarn just doens't want to be something' thing I hear about all the time. I have several yarns in the stash that will work perfectly for this pattern and I am looking forward to knitting it.