01 November 2007

Inspired By Tonight's SnB

If you were at Rhinebeck, did you see a tall guy wearing jeans, a black cowboy hat, and a t-shirt that said "BOOBIES MAKE ME SMILE"?

Yeah, that's my guy.

I've started a new project, but I'm way too bloody tired (11 hours at work today, 13+ planned for tomorrow) to take pictures and write about it. I'll try to get around to it this weekend.

1 comment:

Divine Bird said...

It was sad when you left :( We hoped that you didn't leave because we were teasing you but instead left because, yanno, you were f-ing tired. Which is what I suspect it was. *hugs*

I wish I'd seen your guy's shirt. :D My husband SO needs one. ;)

PS: your Moo cards rule.