25 November 2007

Making Up For Lost Time

Y'all ready for pics?


I began this sock with the intention of finishing it and its mate in time for Christmas, as a gift for one of my uncles. It ain't gonna happen. So I dove into my stash and found this Patons Classic Merino and cast on for a much faster sock on US#3s:


Ah, yes. Much better.


This is a shawl I'm trying to get finished in time to wear to my friend Alli's wedding in January. The pattern is the Feather Lace Shawl from Gardiner Yarn Works. I've already made a mistake:


but I'll be damned if I'm going back to fix it.


For the first time in ages, I bought a pair of straights last weekend. I was going to get circs, but I couldn't find any with points I liked (for some reason all the ebony circs Webs had were on the blunt side), so I ended up with these Colonial rosewood straights. The Plymouth "Indiecita" alpaca yarn was a gift from TVSnBer Cassie, and it's going to be a scarf. The stitch pattern is out of Interweave's (Harmony Guides') Lace & Eyelets, and, as written, is wrong.

I got through the first repeat, as written, looked at the picture, and cocked an eyebrow at the book. The written instructions (no chart) were only half of the pattern. Buh. Got out the pencil, reverse-engineered the rest of the pattern, fired off an email to Interweave (no response yet), and muttered something about how it figures that the first pattern I try is wrong.

Oh, and I didn't take a picture of this when it arrived a while back, but David sent me some sock yarn. It's very soft.


I'm trying to fight the impulse to cast on right away. Too much other stuff to finish first.

Okay, that should hold you for the next few weeks. ;-)


Sheepish Annie said...

You are a better knitter than I. I realized that I wasn't going to finish the holiday knitting in time...and gave up!

Good for you for making a better plan instead of heading out to get everyone gift certificates. ::hanging head in knitterly shame::

Anonymous said...

That's right, damn that mistake! I would go back to fix it either... Nothing perfect anyways. Did you know that the people who made Persian rugs originally, purposefully puterrors into their work becasue "only Allah is perfect"? I think of that when I make a mistake I don't want to fix. Call it a design modifacation.