03 November 2007

Dizzy Cup Jellies

or Night of the Mutant Coconut

This is how my day was supposed to go:

- work for five hours
- go to SnB for an hour or two
- go out to my guy's house and learn how to change my car's oil
- maybe go to a movie

This is how my day actually went:

- got sick of work after an hour and a half
- went home, packed up my knitting, and went to SnB
- knit for four hours
- had a late lunch with Jenny and Matt
- went to an Indian grocery store that looked like it could be packed up and gone before the INS agents showed up
- dropped off Matt so he could take a nap
- went to the Asian supermarket and spent at least an hour looking at everything, but only spent $20 between us
- went to the Salvation Army and got a pair of cargo pants, a jean skirt, and some raveled yarn (dusty teal cotton in sweater form)

I'm going to let Jenny tell you about the dizzy cup jellies, because she's the one who got them. While we were walking down one of the isles with preserved... stuff (I got a little creeped out by a shelf of preserved fish looking at me from their little glass jars), there were a dozen types of preserved coconut. For most of them, the first ingredient was "coconut." For one, though, called "Coconut Sport Strings," the first ingredient was "mutant coconut."

Yes. Mutant coconut.

I passed on that and got some honeydew shortcake cookies instead. Nummy!

Remind me to show y'all the shawl I started the other day. It has a deadline and everything!

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