11 February 2008

Painting and Pictures

Okay. Two bits of news.

I've started Babette's makeover. She made her public debut at a local business and community expo (pics here) on Sunday where the Connecticut River SnB (newer, shinier version of TVSnB) represented the area's fiber folk. Here we have before and after:

babeinroom2 rightside

There's still some work to be done, but everyone says she's beautiful. More pics here.

Second bit of news: I have a new camera! Last year, David gave me a Nikon L3 point-and-shoot digital camera so I could shoot my projects without having to beg to borrow my sister's camera. It's a nice little camera, and it works well. I've had my eye on a digital SLR, though, so when (December 23rd) my father asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I asked if he'd consider a moderately expensive Christmas-and-birthday present. He agreed, and so last week I became the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XTi. Yum. Yum, yum, yum. Again, before and after:



I'm a happy camper. A happy camper with aching shins from six hours of spinning yesterday. Owwie.


sylshessa said...

I love what you've done with Babette! It reminds me of those fine violins that appear at auctions. She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

Ok, breaking my silence as a lurker to say that Babette looks awesome! What a great job - you are so creative!

Katie, a dyer at Yarn Love said...

I love the Babette! What kind of paint did you use on her? I have a Babe Bulky Production wheel that is in bad need of a makeover!