30 January 2008

New Arrival!

If you remember, I played with my spindle a while back, but put it down shortly after because, well, I'm not that fond of drop spindles. I can't get into a groove with them, and I tend to under-spin my singles because of that. I've wanted a wheel (specifically a great/walking wheel) for a long time, but didn't (and don't) have the space for it. Still, I love spinning on any wheel, and just two weeks ago I was presented with a unique pair of facts:

- My mother had six fleeces that she wanted me to do something with (they were given to her years ago and she'd just gotten them back from being cleaned and carded).

- My dear friend Jenny was selling her wheels.

How could I refuse? I bought Jenny's Babe wheel, asked my mother to drop off the first fleece, and started spinning.

I can't stop. See this?


That's two big-ass bobbins of 3-ply bulky wool I made. I've done one more since that picture was taken, and I'm about half a singles-bobbin away from starting more plying.

Did I mention that I've had the wheel for less than a week?


Her name is Babette, and she's going to be painted sometime in the next month, assuming I can stop spinning for a few days.

Yeah, right.

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